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Everyone on earth can make a positive impact, it just takes the first step to realise how easy it is.

the heart of africa

Empowering Kenya

In the heart of Kenya, where vibrant cultures intertwine with an inspiring spirit of progress, our empowerment programs find a soulful home. Here, amidst the warmth of its communities and the dynamic pulse of its growing economy, we ignite transformative change, deeply rooted in the rich soil of hope and resilience.

The Pearl of africa

Empowering Uganda

Uganda, often celebrated as the Pearl of Africa, offers a deeply emotive and nurturing environment for our empowerment programs. Its lush landscapes and the heartfelt warmth of its people provide a foundation of natural beauty and community strength, where every initiative we undertake blossoms with the promise of growth and enduring impact.

Transform Lives with Your Support

make a lasting impact

Join us in our journey to bring positive change to communities in Uganda and Kenya. Our projects range from establishing impactful centers in Hoima, Uganda, to empowering locals with biosand filter training in Mombasa, Kenya. Each initiative is a step towards clean water accessibility, community empowerment, and sustainable development.With your help, we can:
– Provide clean water to thousands of people.
– Train community leaders in sustainable practices.
– Build a foundation for ongoing development and growth.


Isaac Cohen

Driven by a vision far beyond the ordinary, our founder stands as a testament to true leadership and impactful change, having nurtured successful companies across five continents and trained tens of thousands of executives. Their passion extends beyond mere achievements, focusing on sustainable growth and meaningful contributions, as evidenced by raising millions for charities and driving substantial sales for B2B enterprises, embodying the essence of a serial entrepreneur and intrapreneur.

the founders

Jimi cohen

Jimi Cohen, a driving force behind We Make Impact, combines his passion for environmental sustainability with a sharp acumen for strategic partnerships and community building. As a co-founder, his visionary approach has been pivotal in advancing innovative tree planting and empowerment projects worldwide. Jimi's leadership not only fosters environmental regeneration but also inspires a global community of changemakers committed to creating a lasting, positive impact.

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We're committed to bringing operational excellence to the for-good sector and have proven capable at doing this across a variety of industries. From tree planting, water filters, building schools, cleaning beaches, recycling ocean plastics, and much more - we're driving change in the most efficient and sustainable ways possible.

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